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About Us

Business SMS is a product of Samoltech Studios Limited and we are one of the industry leaders in bulk SMS messaging. We provides customers with a secure, simple, affordable, dependable and high capacity messaging platform. This easy to use web-based product offers bulk SMS delivery, address book merge functionality, history reporting, bulk imports of contacts and many advanced sending features. 

SMS Text Messaging gives you the opportunity to reach your target market by contacting them directly on their mobile phone. A large number of our population carry a mobile phone and SMS Text Messaging can get the message through quickly and efficiently. This form of communication can be particularly effective when contacting members of a club or society, sales force, event attendees and more.

It can also be used as a means of felicitating with friends and loved ones during special occassions. You can announce your birthdays, naming ceremonies, wedding celebrations, etc by sending SMS Messages to all your friends and loved ones.

The potential is unlimited.