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How It Works

Thank you for your interest in our Bulk SMS messaging service. You can use our Bulk SMS service to send SMS text messages to your customers or to announce your wedding, naming ceremony or other activities to your friends and loved ones. You can also use it to send goodwill messages during festive seasons.

Our service allows you to send SMS Text messages to either one mobile number or multiple mobile numbers at once.

To start using our Bulk SMS service, you have to sign up. It is FREE to sign up. Go to our signup page. Once you have signed up, check your email for your login details. There are no hidden charges, no setup fees, no monthly charges, or gateway fees.
With Business SMS, you pay as you go.

In order to start sending SMS messages, you need to have enough SMS credits in your account. So the first thing you do when you login into your account is to go to ORDERS menu and click on Buy SMS Units . You can use your MASTERCARD/VISA/VERVE/POCKETMONI to purchase SMS Units. Or you can make payment to any of our Bank Accounts.

Once you have purchased enough SMS credits, then you can start sending SMS messages by using the Send SMS link on your Control Panel. You can send as many SMS messages as you want. Each Text message (of 160 characters) is equal to 1 SMS MESSAGE.

If at anytime you need help or assistance, you can reach our support desk by sending an email to support(at)