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Reseller Packages
We also offer reseller packages which alows an individual to own his own Bulk SMS company. As a reseller, you will buy SMS credits from us in bulk and resell at your own price to your custmers.

Our Reseller packages are provided on two platforms: Branded Website Reseller and Unbranded Website Reseller Packages

Branded Website Reseller
Become a distribution partner and have your own branded bulk SMS website. This means that you can on-sell SMS messages, but keep your identity and brand. This is a system that allows you to sell messages at your own margin and using your own branding. 
We will provide you with an already designed website that you can use to control your entire Bulk SMS business. The website will be similar to our website and have all the functionalities that is required for your business. The website is hosted on our server. 
The total cost of the Branded Website is NGN 10,000.00 (includes domain name registration, hosting, design and setup costs). 

Our Branded Reseller Package:
 Branded Reseller Website with 1000 units @ N10,000
 Branded Reseller Website with 6000 units @ N15,000
 Branded Reseller Website with 11000 units @ N20,000
 Branded Reseller Website with 21000 units @ N30,000
 Branded Reseller Website with 30000 units @ N40,000

Unbranded Website Reseller
Become a distribution partner and have access to sell SMS through your own control panel on our website. This is a web based system which allows you to sell messages at your own margin.
As a reseller, you will be able to manage your own customers, sell at your own prices and when your customers login through our website, they will be taken directly into their own control panel which is directly under your Control panel. 
With our Unbranded Website reseller package, you dont need a website. Everything you need has been provided in your control panel.

To sign up for our Reseller any of our Reseller package, please send an email to - support(at) or support(at)